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Southern, sassy, and a special kind of spiritual, Dr. Tricia Working answered her calling to inspire new conversations and mindsets through pets, the power of our own Innerspeak, and lessons from all relationships in our lives. An ordained minister, certified Spiritual Coach & Counselor, and author of The Fur Agreements, Dr. Tricia possesses a unique understanding of the final moments of life, and supports both animals and their humans in moving through transitions with ease and grace.

Through transformative conversations around animals, consciousness, and community in the form of ground-breaking books, wildy conscious community platforms, and one-on-one sessions. Dr. Tricia facilitates conscious connections with the animal kingdom and transformative conversations on how animals serve as guardians of consciousness calling us to a higher awareness and commitment not just to our animals, but to ourselves.

An Atlanta native, Dr. Tricia has over ten years of experience with the Georgia legislature, seven years of experience in shelter management, and fifteen years in education. She founded Paws for Thought Animal Foundation in 1993 & served as President of the Southern Regional Business Council & Director of Public Relations for the Hope of Humanity Foundation.

Jolinda With Amber & Misty

Jolinda is my go to gal, Southern like me so we speak the same language, handling all aspects of my business from administrative to guidance to tech so I can focus on what I do best, thinking, speaking, creating & writing. Keeping her calm & chill through all this are Amber her first ever kitty & beloved Misty who oversees things as her guardian angel.

Polly & Pin-up Pup Mabel

Best friends since college days at UGA, Polly aids in all things Design, from website atmosphere to Business Cards to my Brand. Without her discerning eye, all you'd see would be a hodge-podge of ideas from me.

Kellie & Her Pack

Kellie is my soul sister and colleague who supports me in project management, keeps me focused and on track. An author and healer, a major focus for Kellie outside her family and pack, is in the area of nutrition and healing. She is working a program blending these areas. A special love of hers is helping women in transition in their lives.
Her Pack shown in order, left to right:
Kellie Stone (Kellie's photo coming soon), Lana and May May, Snowflake, Jay and Snowflake, Conner, Cammie, Bollo (daughter Abbey's dog), Lyric and Cammie, Lana posing, Bolo jumping.

Kelly & Her Heavenly Pack

Kelly is in charge of IT, making sure that privacy is paramount & that all you see & engage in is safe & secure. Kelly is also am accomplished animal communicator, coach & teacher.

Rick & Guard Dog Angel Catnip

Rick is my jewel of a husband, holding down the fort when I travel, caring for my rather large tribe in addition to being with Homeland Security, so making both home and hearth safe for us all. My support in all my spiritual work, Rick makes it possible for me to focus on the animals, the writing and being here for all of you.

Belinda & Her Fur Family

Belinda is my master web designer. She has a unique ability to understand and translate our ideas and concepts and create them graphically. She specializes in working with non-profits, mainly animal rescues and can always make room for new clients, she can be reached at
She has quite the fur family which includes 9 kitties and her pup also known as her little dumpling Emma. Some of the pictured are OB, Tiki, CK, Sissee, Zeena, Bennie, Star Lianna, Qtee and Lolli(pop) (in spirit). Others not pictured are Baby & SuziQ and many more in spirit.

Our Furr Team & Spirit Animals

Ocean 1.0 acts in the capacity of chief healer when there is healing work to be done for clients, their pets and of course our own family. He has the knack to know just when and how to send his energy for support & healing from the other side. He is joined by brother Archangel Raphael who connects with his namesake to create healing.

Baby BayreHeart holds the space for healing work to occur in the natural physical world. He works with me to keep my energy high and sustained. All he asks in return is for a bit of ice cream after his efforts.

Thor, Angel & Little Prince 2.0 represent the canine efforts and specialize in supporting those who are transitioning, lending a paw to help them when they are called back home.

We do have other kitties, both here and on the other side who support the healing efforts & create sacred space for me to do my work, lending paws, hugs & kisses to the efforts in timely manners. From the other side, they send messages through dreams & meditation, act as guides during transitions & help family members connect with their furbabies on the other side.

Our Partners & Trusted Resources

Ana Maria
Dr. Will TuttleThe World Peace Diet
Dr. T.C. Branch & Opport Madrid Animal Clinic
Kelly F. Denise Mange, Kumari Mullin, Samadhy Rich

Our Promise

By working with Dr. Tricia & her Paws-itive Communication, you will never again see animals in the same way. Your purr-spective and your heart will be forever opened to what is possible for your pet and your relationship with your pet will be stronger and deeper than ever before. 

The Fur Agreements

Explore the conscious connection between animals and humans. This transformative discussion offers understanding of all roles animals are playing in our lives calling us to a higher awareness.

The Epiphany Series

Join us for transformative conversations on how animals serve as guardians of consciousness calling us to a higher awareness and commitment, not just to our animals, but to ourselves.

Sacred Space Sessions

Work with Dr. Tricia one-on-one to inspire new mindsets and opportunities for spiritual growth through pets, the power of our own innerspeak, and lessons from our intimate relationships.

Monday - Thursday: 12pm - 6pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Evening & Weekend appts as needed
Call Dr. Tricia at 205-401-9866 CST


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