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Yes, I do. It is possible for me to do hands on healing or distance sessions. I prefer to have pictures of the pets or animals I work with but it is not a must and does not affect the quality of the outcome.

I also work with behavioral and emotional issues as well as specialize in those pets who have a terminal diagnosis. I can assist the family through the entire process of transition or the final day or moments.

The healing work itself can be used for a multitude of issues, whether they be health related, family issues or learning issues.

This is a process that is unique to each family & pet. I can provide support from the beginning when there is a diagnosis, aiding the family in developing a strategy for managing the diagnosis all the way through the final moments.

The structure again is different for each family but it can include home care & supportive modalities for the pet, active communication with the pet to determine their desires & concerns, helping the family understand their role during this time, etc.

I am available if necessary for daily or weekly contact & support. I also provide supportive care for the family after the pet has transitioned & support in understanding that process. If there is a short term transition issue, I provide all that is listed above, but at a muc faster level. The fees for these processes are individualized based on the requirements of the family.

The Fur Agreements form the basis for my work with you & your pet. The sacred contracts they make to come here to be with you serve to help you understand their purpose.

It is necessary for you to understand this relationship in order to do the work, effect a healing etc. This is not a situation where you say “My pet is barking – make it stop”. You must understand why the barking is happening before it can be stopped & the use of The Fur Agreements gives you that beginning point to work from.

You will receive a digital copy of The Fur Agreements to help you work with your beloved pet as a gift for scheduling a Sacred Space Session.

A Sacred Space Session is an intimate and personal process that connects both guardian and pet at deep emotional, spiritual and often mysterious levels.

It often involves healing for both the guardian and pet and takes them into levels of consciousness not previously reached. Developing an understanding of the sacred contracts between guardian and pet creates an opportunity for the guardian to reflect on behaviors, situations, & conditions that have presented in the family.

The relationship of these behaviors by the pet to certain situations within the family can be explored, explained & often healed. Guardians are able to learn how the events in their lives directly affect their pet & to understand the correlation of the events to the pet behavior.

Each session is unique to the guardian & pet, even when they have multiple sessions because the life events & the way that is processed is so very different. You can expect to be challenged, to have your purr-spetives come up for assessment, to be surprised by the connections you find between you & your pet.

This is not a cookie cutter, rote, by the book formula because you and your pet are not those things. 

Yes, when you contact Dr. Tricia for a Sacred Space Session, you will be sent an email with payment details. The majority of her payments go through paypal; however other arrangements can be made if necessary.

Once payment is complete, Jolinda will contact you to schedule your session. The sessions are taped & you will receive a copy at no charge. If there is an emergency situation, contact Jolinda & it will be worked out.

The Fur Agreements

Explore the conscious connection between animals and humans. This transformative discussion offers understanding of all roles animals are playing in our lives calling us to a higher awareness.

The Epiphany Series

Join us for transformative conversations on how animals serve as guardians of consciousness calling us to a higher awareness and commitment, not just to our animals, but to ourselves.

Sacred Space Sessions

Work with Dr. Tricia one-on-one to inspire new mindsets and opportunities for spiritual growth through pets, the power of our own innerspeak, and lessons from our intimate relationships.

Monday - Thursday: 12pm - 6pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Evening & Weekend appts as needed
Call Dr. Tricia at 205-401-9866 CST


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